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GroboCodeCoverage version 1.1.0

What's New With CodeCoverage

Author:Matt Albrecht


The source-linked report has been changed to look "neater". Also, the documentation has been improved to be (hopefully) more useful.

The "" file, used for loading the Ant tasks, has moved to the root directory and has a new name. Now, you can load the tasks with:

    <taskdef resource=""/>
Using this file will allow for the use of the new Ant tasks (the old ones are deprecated, but still exist).

These new Ant tasks are:

  • grobo-instrument: replaces coveragepostcompiler similar to the original, but includes more robust support for handling existing post-compiled class files and their data files.
  • grobo-report: replaces coveragereport a bit like the original, but now better supports custom reporting styles, and failure cases (where the coverage totals do not meet the build requirements).
  • grobo-rezip: allows for the updating of zip-like files, similar to the original Ant <zip> task, but also supports updating zips within zips (for EAR file support). This allows deployable archives to be easily modified to gather coverage numbers during unit tests.

Migration path for the new tasks:

  • coveragepostcompiler to grobo-instrument: Remove the "datadir" attribute. Change the "logdir" attribute to point to the base directory of both the old "datadir" and "logdir". Change "outputclassdir" to "destdir". Replace the <logsettings> tag with a "logger" attribute.
  • coveragereport to grobo-report: Remove the "datadir" attribute. Change the "logdir" attribute to point to the base directory of both the old "datadir" and "logdir". Remove the "outdir" attribute. Strip off the "style" part of the name from the "simplestyle" and "sourcestyle" tags.
This is just an outline. See their corresponding Ant documentation for more details.


There haven't been changes to the Ant tasks, but the generated reports and code coverage collectors have been improved to get more accurate results.


As of version 1.0.0RC4, the <coveragereport> task can now performs the style operation. It also generates another XML report that contains all the coverage reports in one. Another style has been created, that generates a JavaDoc-like website that links the source code to the coverage reports.

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