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GroboUtilIO version 1.0.0alpha2


Author:Matt Albrecht


  1. File Filters
  2. Stream Generators
  3. Mime Streams
  4. Stream Reader Helpers
  5. FileUtils
  6. Property Database

File Filters

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The various Java versions provide interfaces for file filters, which are used in the methods and in Swing file choosers. However, there isn't an easy way to create a robust filter.

These classes attempt to fill the gap in the API.

Stream Generators

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I have discovered may occations when a generic API of mine has one input stream referencing some other input stream. As an example, XML allows for inclusion of other XML documents through the SYSTEM entity tag. Being able to load these other resources without knowing the details behind where they come from seems incredibly useful in these situations.

The Stream Generator set of classes try to fill this need by providing a factory to create new InputStreams.

Mime Streams

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MIME-conversion streams. Nothing special, and nothing particularly efficient, either. The JSP libraries have better versions, so I suggest using those.

Stream Reader Helpers

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How many times do you find the need to read the entire contents from a stream or reader? The ReadByteStream and ReadStringStream classes provide the relatively trivial (yet repetitive) task of reading entire contents of a stream or reader.


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Provides simple helper utilities related to file systems, such as:

  1. copy from one file to another file;
  2. copy one directory to another directory, recursively;
  3. find all files matching a filter set that are in a directory, recursively.

Property Database

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The PropertyDatabase class provides means of having a set of default properties, and allowing for per-user alterations. Useful for UIs that allow for user configurable options.

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