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GroboUtilThread version 1.0.0alpha2


Author:Matt Albrecht

Collection of utilities to help with thread and process management.
  • BackgroundProcess: Class which allows for better interaction with a spawned Process. It forks the process's output streams to other streams.
  • IOThreadRunner: A thread which pulls data from an input stream and pushes it into an output stream.
  • LoopThread: Implements safe pause, resume, and stop for threads which loop over the same function endlessly. Allows for a sleep period between loop iterations.
  • QueueThread: Thread-safe implementation of pulling objects from a SynchQueue, and passing them to a listening object.
  • ThreadPool: A pool of QueueThread instances, which handles menial tasks such as growing the thread pool if the number of waiting objects is above a threshold number, up to a maximum number of threads, finding the thread with the fewest number of waiting objects, and optimization of determining which thread to pass events to.

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