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GroboUtilClasses version 1.0.0


Author:Matt Albrecht

The Util-Classes project must:
  • Provide an API to ease the burden of classloading implementation differences between JDKs.
  • Ease the effort involved in creating an SPI-like implementation. SPI (Service Provider Interface) was first (as far as I can tell) described in the JDK 1.3 documentation discussing the JFC input method engine in the JDK 1.3 documentation overview of the Input Method Framework, and a description of the technology was put in the JavaDoc. Another implementation is needed since the Sun implementation of loading SPI classes was privately used.
  • Helpers for creating chainable exceptions. JDK 1.4 introduces this capability for all exceptions, but for JDK 1.1 compatible code this is not acceptible.
  • Helpers for creating and maintaining singleton instances of classes.

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