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GroboUtils is a large package of various Java utilities. It attempts to have both JDK 1.1 and 1.2 compatiblity for most of the packages.

Below is a partial catalog of what is contained:

JUnit helpers and extentions
GroboTestingJUnit v1.2.1

JUnit extentions for easing test making.

  • AssertConstructor: Similar to the Assert class in JUnit, but allows for testing objects and classes for the existence of different constructors.
  • AssertTestFactory: Creates Test objects that execute a single assert. Used to create 'soft' (sub) tests during integration testing.
  • SubTestTestCase: Subclass of TestCase that allows for a test to dynamically register a sub-test, which will be run after the owning test finishes, and in new tests.
  • IntegrationTestCase: Subclass of TestCase designed for integration tests, which generally need 'soft' failures - a failure which does not need to stop the execution of the test.
  • MultiThreadedTestRunner: A utility class which executes a collection of small test methods in parallel. Capable of specifying a maximum run time to prevent dead-locks or infinite loops from hanging the test execution. Propigates all errors to the owning class.
  • SysPropertiesUtil: Utility that allows for easy setting and reseting of System properties. Some classes that need testing may depend upon a System property setting, and this class will help testing that. This is JDK 1.1 and above compatible.

Status: 17-Jul-2003: Updates to MultiThreadedTestRunner allow for monitors to check the status of runners without needing to quit, and added the ability to kill wild threads. The documentation for this has been updated as well.

Test Class Parsing
GroboTestingJUnit v1.2.1

Extracted the functionality used by junit.framework.TestSuite to parse the Test classes, and enabled it for easy exension to support different construction mechanisms.

Status: 17-Jul-2003: This is fairly stable, but the code coverage reports show that it needs a bit more testing in some areas.

Hierarchial Unit Tests
GroboTestingJUnit v1.2.1

JUnit extention for helping in the creation of hierarchial test cases, also known as 'contract' or 'interface' test-cases.

Status: 10-Jan-2004: Found and fixed a minor bug with passing the message on an assert in IntegrationTestCase.

GroboTestingAutodoc v1.0.0alpha2

AutoDoc allows for JUnit tests to generate documentation for themselves. Pluggable to allow user-defined extensions for each component.

Status: 19-May-2003: Need to expand testing and update documents before this can enter RC 1.

GroboPMTI v1.0.0alpha3

The Problem Management Tracker Interface. A framework for interfacing with Problem Management Trackers (a.k.a. bug trackers). Includes SPI connectors for the AutoDoc framework.

Status: 04-Oct-2003: Looking at moving the location of the tracking numbers from code to XDoclet. If so, this will be a major change and break backwards-compatibility.
Still need example implementations for Sourceforge (web-based) and Bugzilla (database-based).
Complete the documentation. As the system is in flux, this is an on-going task.

GroboTestingTP v1.0.0alpha2

Test Procedure generation classes. Includes SPI connectors for the AutoDoc framework.

Status: 23-Aug-2003: Currently examining the viability of the sub-project, as to whether it is the right application of technology.

GroboCodeCoverage v1.1.0

There are several commercially available code coverage tools for Java, but they all require a large fee to use. This is a 100% Pure Java implementation of a Code Coverage tool. It uses Jakarta's BCEL platform to post-compile class files to add logging statements for tracking coverage.

Status: 16-Apr-2004: Final changes to the documentation before release of the next version.

GroboUICapture v1.0.0alpha2

A UI capture program for Java. Allows for capture and playback ability in any graphical application running on the local system.

Status: 08-Oct-2002: Able to capture and play-back UI interactions, but capturing has issues with the underlying UIs being interacted with: due to the glass pane manipulation and click pass-through implementation, UI components such as menus disappear.

Class Helpers
GroboUtilClasses v1.0.0

Utilities that allow for easy access to Classes and instantiating them. Includes helper utilities for the Service Provider Interface (SPI), as presented in JDK 1.3. This package is JDK 1.1 compatible, but will use JDK 1.2+ methods when allowed.

Status: 17-Jul-2003: Documentation still needs a bit of work, but this has been moved up to RC1.

Throwable Helpers
GroboUtilClasses v1.0.0

Utilities that aid in creating exceptions with causes (a la JDK 1.4), and for parsing exceptions. This package is JDK 1.1 compatible, but will use the JDK 1.4-introduced exception methods when allowed.

Status: 17-Jul-2003: May remove this project in favor of Jakarta Commons Lang 1.0.

GroboUtilXML v1.1.0

Utilities for converting standard text into XML-escaped strings, without the need for DOM heavyweight libraries.

Status: 20-Dec-2002: Entered version 1.0.0rc1. Need to complete documentation.

GroboUtilIO v1.0.0alpha2

Groups of JDK 1.1 and 1.2 I/O helper classes.

  • File Filters: Helper classes for generating filters for the class.
  • Input Stream Generators: Classes which generate new IO Stream from a given relative URL. Example implementations are provided, including File, URL, Classpath Resource, and Hashtable.
  • Mime Encoding Streams: Input and Output streams for Mime encoded text.
  • Read Stream: Utilities for reading an entire stream in different formats.
  • WriterOutputStream: The basic JDK has classes which convert from an OutputStream to a Writer, but does not provide any implementation for the reverse. This class fills that gap.
  • PropertyDatabase: Has a concept of pre-defined properties, and user-defined properties. As many "internal" properties may be added to the database, but any properties the user sets will be stored in their own property file.

Status: 03-May-2003: Need to finish up tests and documentation before entering RC 1.

GroboUtilDatastruct v1.0.0alpha3

Contains various data structures, all JDK 1.1 compatible.

  • PathRegistry: A tree structure which allows for elements to be registered, deregistered, and accessed. Tree elements can define themselves as case sensitive or insensitive. They may also define that all sub-nodes should return the current parent node. Nodes are accessed through a single String, which is parsed internally. The path separator may be any character.
  • SynchQueue: A Queue (first-in, first-out) which allows for waiting indefinitely or for a specific period of time for a new element to be added to the Queue. Useful for passing data between threads. This has been optimized for synchronization.
  • ObjectCache: A store of reserved objects to prevent the Garbage Collector from working overtime on commonly used objects. It has options for setting the maximum and minimum sizes for the number of stored objects.

Status: 03-May-2003: Just entered RC 1. The documentation will need to be completed before this goes gold.

GroboUtilThread v1.0.0alpha2

Collection of utilities to help with thread and process management.

  • BackgroundProcess: Class which allows for better interaction with a spawned Process. It forks the process's output streams to other streams.
  • IOThreadRunner: A thread which pulls data from an input stream and pushes it into an output stream.
  • LoopThread: Implements safe pause, resume, and stop for threads which loop over the same function endlessly. Allows for a sleep period between loop iterations.
  • QueueThread: Thread-safe implementation of pulling objects from a SynchQueue, and passing them to a listening object.
  • ThreadPool: A pool of QueueThread instances, which handles menial tasks such as growing the thread pool if the number of waiting objects is above a threshold number, up to a maximum number of threads, finding the thread with the fewest number of waiting objects, and optimization of determining which thread to pass events to.

Status: 03-May-2003: Need to finish up tests and documentation before entering RC 1.

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