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GroboUtilDatastruct version 1.0.0alpha3


Author:Matt Albrecht

Contains various data structures, all JDK 1.1 compatible.
  • SynchQueue: A Queue (first-in, first-out) which allows for waiting indefinitely or for a specific period of time for a new element to be added to the Queue. Useful for passing data between threads. This has been optimized for synchronization.
  • PathRegistry: A tree structure which allows for elements to be registered, deregistered, and accessed. Tree elements can define themselves as case sensitive or insensitive. They may also define that all sub-nodes should return the current parent node. Nodes are accessed through a single String, which is parsed internally. The path separator may be any character.
  • ObjectCache: A store of reserved objects to prevent the Garbage Collector from working overtime on commonly used objects. It has options for setting the maximum and minimum sizes for the number of stored objects.

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