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GroboUtilIO version 1.0.0alpha2


Author:Matt Albrecht

Groups of JDK 1.1 and 1.2 I/O helper classes.
  • File Filters: Helper classes for generating filters for the class.
  • Input Stream Generators: Classes which generate new IO Stream from a given relative URL. Example implementations are provided, including File, URL, Classpath Resource, and Hashtable.
  • Mime Encoding Streams: Input and Output streams for Mime encoded text.
  • Read Stream: Utilities for reading an entire stream in different formats.
  • WriterOutputStream: The basic JDK has classes which convert from an OutputStream to a Writer, but does not provide any implementation for the reverse. This class fills that gap.
  • PropertyDatabase: Has a concept of pre-defined properties, and user-defined properties. As many "internal" properties may be added to the database, but any properties the user sets will be stored in their own property file.

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