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GroboTestingAutodoc version 1.0.0alpha2

GroboTesting AutoDoc

Table Of Contents

  1. About GroboTesting AutoDoc
  2. Requirements
  3. Design
  4. Using
  5. Articles
    1. Self-Documenting Tests
  6. Issue Traceability: Tracks requirement and bug pass/fail status through tests.
  7. AutoDoc Extentions
    1. PMTI: Adds integration with problem management trackers.
    2. testing-tp: Framework for dealing with test procedure reports.

Project Summary:

Section:  testing-autodoc (net.sourceforge.groboutils.autodoc.v1)
AutoDoc allows for JUnit tests to generate documentation for themselves. Pluggable to allow user-defined extensions for each component.
Status: 19-May-2003: Need to expand testing and update documents before this can enter RC 1.

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