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About JUnit Test Extensions

Author:Matt Albrecht

The testing-junit sub-project of GroboUtils contains extensions to the JUnit testing framework.

These are the major issues which this sub-project attempts to tackle:

  • integration test: There's a series of classes with the purpose of aiding in running integration tests from within the JUnit test framework. There exists a conflict of interest between JUnit and integration (or functional) tests: JUnit considers any failure reason to terminate the test, while integration tests commonly can report failures while continuing with the test. This JUnit extension allows for an integration test to register a "soft" failure, which reports the failure but does not stop the test.
  • multithreaded test: As one of my professors once said, "the only area of computer programming that requires actual intelligence is thread safety." Several other projects have attempted to add multi-threaded testing into their JUnit extensions with varying degrees of success. This extention allows the user to create many routines to run at once. Though this does not allow for a rigourous assurance of thread safety, it allows the user many options, such as seeing how parts of a unit interact with each other in a multi-threaded environment, and attempting to detect errors in assumptions when a bit of code is executed many times within many threads.
  • hierarchy test: Several references show the need to test not only a base class, but also that same base class in the shared context of inherited classes. This includes both the contracts presented by interfaces and abstract methods, and the code contained in concrete methods. This framework allows for the developer to write shared tests once, which can be run in all necessary contexts.

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