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JUnit Extensions

Table Of Contents

  1. About JUnit Extensions
  2. Interface/Hierarchial Test Case (IFTC):
    1. Goals/Requirements
    2. Design
    3. Using
  3. Other Extensions:
    1. Using Integration Tests
    2. Using Multi-Threaded Tests
    3. Starting Other Tests In A Test
  4. Articles:
    1. Naming JUnit Tests
    2. JUnit Patterns
    3. Hierarchy Tests
    4. Enemy Unit Tests
    5. Integration Unit Tests
    6. Application Integration Tests

Project Summary:

Section:  testing-junit (net.sourceforge.groboutils.junit.v1)
JUnit extentions for easing test making.
Status: 17-Jul-2003: Updates to MultiThreadedTestRunner allow for monitors to check the status of runners without needing to quit, and added the ability to kill wild threads. The documentation for this has been updated as well.

Section:  testing-junit (net.sourceforge.groboutils.junit.v1.parser)
Extracted the functionality used by junit.framework.TestSuite to parse the Test classes, and enabled it for easy exension to support different construction mechanisms.
Status: 17-Jul-2003: This is fairly stable, but the code coverage reports show that it needs a bit more testing in some areas.

Section:  testing-junit (net.sourceforge.groboutils.junit.v1.iftc)
JUnit extention for helping in the creation of hierarchial test cases, also known as 'contract' or 'interface' test-cases.
Status: 10-Jan-2004: Found and fixed a minor bug with passing the message on an assert in IntegrationTestCase.

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