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The CodeCoverage package contains a tool to help you discover what parts of your code have not executed during unit tests.

You can find an article on the various code-coverage techniques in the on-line article by Steve Cornet at Bullseye Testing Technology.

Table Of Contents

  1. Getting Started with GroboCoverage
  2. Advanced usage of GroboCoverage
  3. Detailed Ant task documentation
  4. Integrating GroboCoverage with complex build environments
  5. What's new
  6. Documents you may not care about
    1. Requirements
    2. Design
    3. Original Design (for those who want to know about alternatives to BCEL-based code-coverage solutions)

Project Summary:

Section:  codecoverage (net.sourceforge.groboutils.codecoverage.v2)
There are several commercially available code coverage tools for Java, but they all require a large fee to use. This is a 100% Pure Java implementation of a Code Coverage tool. It uses Jakarta's BCEL platform to post-compile class files to add logging statements for tracking coverage.
Status: 16-Apr-2004: Final changes to the documentation before release of the next version.

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