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GroboUtils aims to expand the testing possibilities of Java. It contains many sub-projects which experiment with different aspects of testing through Java.

The popular tools included with GroboUtils include multi-threaded tests, hierarchial unit tests, and a code coverage tool.

This toolset is released under the MIT license.

Latest Versions

GroboUtils: v5

Visit the downloads section to get the latest version. Here are the change and release notes

Current Status

GroboUtils has started picking back up:

  • I'm putting together a Mock version of the AWT. It's coming along. Unfortunately, I've had to create my own Graphics2D library (try it here), which actually wasn't that bad.
  • I've been working on the build using Antlion, which is tying all the projects together nicely and quickly.
  • There have been minor updates to the JUnit testing frameworks.
  • There is a new system testing framework underway that can be run under any other testing framework (such as JUnit or TestNG).
  • I've put a strong effort into removing all outside dependencies besides the JDK; simple implementations exist if the expected classes can't be loaded.
  • There's no plans to update the GroboCoverage tool for JDK 1.5 compatiblity. Try out some of the good alternate tools that have come out lately.


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